Where There’s a Will (or a Bill)… There’s a Way (For Entrepreneur, Business, Writing Bloggers & More)

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Where There’s a Will (or a Bill)… There’s a Way (7 min read)

On the often slow success of a seasoned entrepreneur. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and more often than not,  neither is a successful small business. In order to be a business owner that lives as most hope to when launching a self employment venture, one must be ready to endure the days of ramen noodles and $2000 cars.

This is a story about a veteran small business owner that did things right in order to build his empire. (And by empire, I mean a nice home in the suburbs with a yard large enough to grow rows of corn- literally. This is not a man of extravagance, he is quite simple in his tastes. Classy, but not a…

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10 Essentials To Becoming A Millionaire in your 20’s (For Fashion, Beauty, Book Bloggers & More!)

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1. College and graduate school are irrelevant.

If your number one goal is to become a millionaire, not to hold a specific type of job, then college and graduate school are pretty much irrelevant. They cost money, they can put you in debt and if you want to be a millionaire, you can learn everything you need to know online about most things without the big tuition costs.

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Control your sexual urges

Learn How To Control Your Sexual Urges
To control your sexual urges, you must first
accept that there is nothing wrong in wanting
sex or thinking about it. It is a pretty normal
phase everyone goes through, unlike what we
have been made to believe by some societal
factors like religion that sex is evil and having
sexual urges is a complete taboo. You have to
know and accept that your sexual desires are
just one of those basic physical needs that
seeks to be fulfilled one way or the other and
that we are wired to think about sex. Once you
have accepted this fact and you strongly wish
to put it in check, you can control it.
In order to control your sexual desires, you
must know what it is that actually sets it off.
For someone who is sexually starved, it is
easier to be drawn by sexual innuendoes and
signs, making it tough to control your urges
but once you have identified those things that
these feelings, you mind will be alert enough to
steer clear of them. Avoid reading books with
x-rated contents or watch pornographic
movies or any form of object that can
stimulate your sexual urges.
To curb your sexual desires, you have to do
more to think less. Channel all those
feelings into something that will keep your
mind off sex and then, get busy. You can read
books, go out with friends, watch movies,
learn new things etc. Transfer your urges into
something you have always wanted to do. At
the end of the day, you would have
successfully managed not to think about sex
and you will also be satisfied at the things you
did. If one of those hobbies trigger a sexual
response in you and you are feeling aroused,
do not masturbate. Think of non-sexual
images or take a long walk..
Engage your body in exercise that will keep
you busy and keep you from feeling frustrated
from not having sex. You can jog in the
morning, swim or hit the gym. You can also try
yoga and other exercise that will help
stimulate both mind and body.
Only few can drink heavily or do drugs
without losing control of themselves. Stay
away from alcohol and drugs if they will cause
you to do something you will regret when you
are sober. If you must drink, drink with
friends you can trust and you know will watch
over you.
In order to control your sexual urge, you
should enter into a relationship with no sex. If
you wonder what you both will do without the
sex, there are countless things couples can do
to bond like going on a field trip together,
taking up a joint hobby, learning new things
together. Far from what most people think,
you can have a very satisfying relationship
without sex.
If you feel like you can’t control it all by
yourself, you can talk to your doctor, pastor,
parents, close relative or friends. Sometimes,
having someone to talk to about how you feel
helps better than trying to curb it all by
yourself. Who knows, the person you want to
meet may have had difficulty curbing his own
desires too. What then is better than learning
from someone’s experience. Don’t be shy or
scared of being judged.
In getting spiritual help, it’s important to note
that if you are being taught that sex is bad and
it wrong, you won’t have much comfort there
and it will only push you deeper into your
urges. Get spiritual help that engages your
mind in spiritual activities that are far from
sex. Being around people pursuing the same
goal as you, especially in chastity can also be a
strong supportive measure. That way you have
someone holding your hands all the way.
As you would handle the viruses on your
system, so should you handle the thoughts of


sex, especially when you are trying so hard to
be chaste. Tackle your thoughts before it
translates into an action you may regret later.


Make Money with your facebook account


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Rosie’s #BookReview Team #RBRT THE DEAD LANDS by @dylanjmorgan #dystopia #WeekendBlogShare

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Rosie Amber

Today’s team review is from Noelle, she blogs at http://saylingaway.wordpress.com

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Noelle has been reading The Dead Lands by Dylan Morgan


Book Review: The Dead Lands by Dylan J. Morgan

I decided to read this book in preparation to review the second in this series, based on a terrific review by a fellow blogger. I was so taken with it, I decided to review this one as well.

This book is a really wrenching description of the future of mankind in its third age, and as a result, I really don’t want to know how we got to a third age!

The story opens lovingly, with the President of Hemera injecting his wife and children with a drug that will let them sleep away the next hundred years, to avoid the ravages of the imminent nuclear destruction of the planet. His hope is that when they awaken, he can lead in…

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